Sweet and Sour

Now that some time has passed since the killing of Christopher, I can examine better how I feel about this whole event. Sometimes I feel as if my emotions are dining at a Chinese restaurant and feeding on sweet and sour dishes. 

There is a tremendous sweetness and warmth that has come from those that know us best … our relatives, friends, neighbors, parishioners and co-workers. These people know us, know what we have gone through and have provided us with solid support. There is no way that we can adequately repay the kindness that we have received … the warm meals, the kind words, the inspirational gifts, the masses and prayers. There is great sweetness in these actions.

There is, however, a sour and bitterness I feel whenever I think of how the truth of this story has been distorted by the authorities in an attempt to portray us, the family, as being responsible for the death and being nothing but a bunch of money grubbing lowlifes. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are willing to accept responsibility where it is due, but we will NOT accept any responsibility for the Oakland County Sheriff Department’s execution of Christopher. The disinformation campaign waged by under sheriff McCabe has been aimed at destroying our reputation and laying the blame for the actions of his deputies at our feet. This is the picture painted in the media, and this is the only story some people have heard. As a result we have been cursed, sworn at and even condemned by members of the community who have relied on this one sided portrayal of the events. If they could only listen to the shocking police tapes of the open microphone conversations of the officers, recorded as the killing took place, their opinion would be different. If they could read the hundreds of pages of sworn testimony they would see that the story of the police is tainted. If they could see the video tapes recorded from the police cars during the event they could witness first hand the anguish and pain that we were put through. If they could review this evidence and then realize that the police instigated themselves, they would see the cover up, and that is what is the most troubling. 

Yes, there are both sweet and sour feelings that surface. I am glad that we are surrounded by people who support us. This makes the taste palatable.