Mystery of the Bible

One of the most perplexing aspects of Christopher’s death and resulting police investigation is the whereabouts of a particular book … Chris’ Bible.

On the morning of his death, Christopher was in his bedroom reading the Book of Deuteronomy from his Bible. When he left his bedroom and proceeded to the lower level of the house, he had the Bible with him. The whole time that his parents were with him, even in the presence of the first two police officers, Christopher carried his Bible. It was only a few minutes between the last time his parents saw him alive with the Bible to when he was executed in cold blood by Wood and Terrell.

After the killing and the subsequent department “investigation” (from which Chris’ parents were denied access) the Bible mysteriously disappeared. During the investigation, members of the OCSD investigating team took material away from the house in many opaque black plastic bags. When asked by the family what they were removing, OCSD representative Clay Jansen replied “we’ll give you a list before we leave”. That was a lie. No list was provided until it was demanded from the OCSD as part of the discovery process for the civil suit. This took many months. The department was not cooperative and was not going to make anything easy.

Guess what? Chris’ Bible never showed up on a list of articles that the OCSD removed from the house and it was never located. Bibles do not simply vanish into thin air and it is known that Chris has his in his personal possession only minutes before he died. It is the firm belief of the family that Chris was holding the Bible when he was shot and that the Bible was likely riddled with bullet holes and blood from the insane number of gunshot rounds that were fired into Chris. It would not look good for the OCSD deputies to have gunned down a minor, in his own home, on a sunny Corpus Christi Sunday morning while he was carrying a Bible … so the Bible conveniently disappeared.

It is also odd that the OCSD denied the local Catholic pastor access to the boy’s body to say a blessing. Fr. Leo was forced to remain outside the hose in the yard and perform the blessing “from afar”.

To this day the Bible has never been found. The Mystery of the Bible remains unsolved.